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The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Press Foundation was established by the Govt. of Azad Jammu and Kashmir for the welfare of the journalistís community of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The Foundation is simply the unique institution throughout Asia. To establish such type of Foundation, from 1996 massive struggle was started. This struggle was fulfilled in 1998, when AJ&K Legislative Assembly accepted this demand and from 2001, work has been started on the Act of AJ&K Press Foundation. At last, in 2003, with grace of Allah, the act was passed by AJ&K Legislative Assembly Unanimously and finally a solid step was taken in 2004, AJ&K Press Foundation election constituted and smoothly it became functional.



        AJ&K Press Foundation is functioning under the supervision of Chairman who is serving Judge of AJ&K High Court, nominated by Chief Justice of AJ&K High Court on the request of AJ&K Govt.

        The Vice Chairman of Foundation is elected by the Journalist community through elections.

        Secretary Information and Secretary Finance are permanent member of the Foundation while Head of Information Department is member and Secretary.

        Ten members elected from the journalist community of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (one member from each district), two members from the Kashmiri journalist community working in Pakistan and the elected president of Central Union of Journalists and AJ&K Union of Journalists are also members of the Foundation.


        Honorable Justice (R) Sardar Muhammad Nawaz Khan was the founder Chairman of the foundation.

        Honorable Justice Ghulam Mustafa Mughal (Chief Justice of AJ&K High Court) became the 2nd Chairman in 2007, dedicatedly worked hard and paid his contribution for Rules of the Foundation which was passed by the Board of Governors in 2009. It was historical moment when the Foundation started to play his real role for the welfare of the journalistís community according to aims and objectives of the Foundation.

        In 2009, Honorable Justice Ghulam Mustafa Mughal bestowed as Chief Justice in AJ& K High Court and there was no judge in High Court due to some crises of judiciary in AJ&K High Court and Supreme Court. So, I (Sardar Zulfiqar Ali) was honored as the acting Chairman while Fayaz Ali Abbassi acted as the acting Vice Chairman of the Foundation.

        Honorable Justice M. Tabassum Aftab Alvi nominated as a 3rd Chairman of Foundation in 2011 after the appointments of judges in AJ&K High Court. During his tenure the foundation achieved three big milestones; establishment of offices, Group Insurance of the members and membership honored to journalists related to electronic media.

         I (Sardar Zulfiqar Ali) was elected as Vice Chairman of the foundation in 2004 unopposed.

        The founder Secretary of the foundation was Muhammad Saleem Bismil who played a vital historic role in making the foundation functional.

        The Secretaries of Information Ch. Khursheed Ahmad, Sardar Naeem Sheeraz, Sardar Javed Ayub, Fayaz Ali Abbassi, Shaukat Majeed Malik and Dr. Shehla Waqar also contributed their service as a Chairman welfare committee of the Foundation.

        The other contributors Idrees Tabassum (Secretary Law), Parveen Akhtar (Deputy Secretary Law) and Mumtaz Mir (Senior Additional Secretary Finance) played a very significant role in the establishment of the foundation.

        I, Sardar Zulfiqar Ali: Muzaffarabad, Raja Muhammad Ashraf: Bagh, Sardar Riaz Shahid: Rawalakot, Sardar Rashid Yaqoob: Sudhanoti, Sardar Javed Iqbal: Kotli, Sain Zulfiqar Ali: Mirpur, Ch. Jameel Shafi: Bhimber, Raja Kafeel Ahmad Khan and Raja Muhammad Shafique Khan: Pakistan, was elected as founder members of BoG while Wahid Iqbal Butt: President Central Union of Journalists and Naz Butt Naji: President AJ&K Union of Journalists also became the founder members the Foundation.

        Presently, Director General Public Relations, Raja Azhar Iqbal is serving as the Secretary of the Foundation moreover Dr. Mahmood-Ul-Hassan Raja, Abdul Quyoom Durrani, Andleep Sahir Butt, Raja Naveed Hassan Khan and Ch. Rasheed have contributed as Secretaries of the Foundation earlier.


           I continue my best struggles for the betterment of the foundation. I pray for the best future of journalist community and best wishes for the foundation. May the AJ&K Press Foundation flourish and developed day by day and achieve the goals of true leadership in journalism in AJ&K and beyond.



Sardar Zulfiqar Ali

Founder Vice Chairman


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